Unlike most other fellowships or professional development programs we don’t recruit top talent instead we create top talent and therefore, our most important criteria is your RESOLVE.

We have university/ college students, recent graduates, high schoolers and anyone looking to build their career.

We have cohorts that start every month, to register for any of our programs, click on the Register menu and submit your application.

Yes, this is a self-paced program that happens all year round, the skills progression is dependent on the individual. You practice through projects that you can work on from anywhere.

This varies from program to program and from project to project, contact us for more information.

We do not guarantee jobs. However, we guarantee to give you the competitive skills and relevant experience that the market is looking for.

Sure, you can opt-out of the program at will. This means that you will be tagged as inactive but will always have access to your assessments and skills profile and can always resume whenever you wish.

Yes, we are continually certifying you on the skills you have attained so its not a one off certification but its ongoing.

Our program has continual learning and skills development, we encourage you not to disengage after completing your current phase. The skills demanded will keep evolving and so should you.

The skills development planning process includes mapping the skills you want to gain to a particular job or career line. It is therefore based on what the market is looking for.

The projects are listed for all to see and anyone interested will apply and if selected they will join the project.