• Target:
    Build experience and proficiency
  • Duration
    6 months per level
  • Cost:
    Limited offer Kshs 17,400.00

This is a skills certified program for those who want to be known for being an expert in a certain field. It's the journey of a lifetime as you grow through the different levels from an Apprentice, to an Analyst and finally an Associate.

Professional development

Experiential learning through our extensive projects is the best way to master your craft.


Discover what you truly know as our projects push you to the limit and help you stretch beyond it.

Self paced

Learn and practise at your own velocity based on your current stage of life and its commitments.


Get exposed to varied peoples and cultures with real-life situations whose lessons you need to succeed.


Finish the Apprentice level and start earning from the projects you work on even as your training continues.


You get to pick your career level by working on the projects that take you there.